The consultation closes 3 July, 2017

National Park Management Plan Consultation - 2017


What do you think about the Yorkshire Dales National Park? What do you love about it, how do you think it can be improved, and what do you think are the most important issues to tackle?

These are the questions we are asking residents, visitors and a wide range of stakeholder organisations this summer in order to create a new five year National Park Management Plan.

To take part in the consultation and have YOUR say on the future of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, complete the survey below. Please ensure that you click Done at the bottom of the form to submit your answers.

The Management Plan is the single most important strategy document for the National Park.

It is produced by a partnership of 14 bodies, representing landowners, businesses, local authorities and government agencies, as well as the National Park Authority.

The Plan contains a long term ‘vision’ for the National Park and a list of specific objectives for the next five years.

As well as guiding the work of all the organisations that operate in the Park, the Management Plan influences other key strategies, such as the Yorkshire Dales Local Plan.

Authority Chairman Carl Lis explains: "The National Park Management Plan sets out what kind of place we’d like the National Park to be in years to come - and the steps towards achieving it. It is used to shape the policies and work of all those operating within it.

"As such, it is essential that a wide range of views and interests are represented and one of the ways we do this is through public consultation.

"We want to know what people think makes the National Park special, but also what concerns them and what changes they’d like to see. This could mean more employment opportunities, work to extend the network of accessible paths, planting more woodland, or action to tackle flooding.

"I’d encourage everyone to take part as the results could affect your future".

There is a statutory duty to review the Management Plan every five years. The current Plan runs until 2018 and this review will, therefore, look forward to 2023. It will take around 12 months to complete, so should be ready for adoption in early summer 2018.